Our Services

Mostly serious is a marketing & digital solutions agency focused onsolving the seemingly unsolvable.

A passion for building brands through inventive digital solutions and marketing services fuels our need to create. Taking time to develop a clear picture of our clients' needs informs every creative decision. And our experience, talent, and commitment result in high-performance products. Whether you're simply after interactive done better or an answer to a daunting problem others couldn't address, we're ready to craft the sustainable solution.

Mobile App

Web / Mobile / Desktop

Looking for a team of inventive creatives and technical programmers with the aptitude to build heavy-hitting software products? Whether housed on the web, the desktop, or the latest mobile device, we can create just about any app you could dare to conceive.


Consumer / Ecommerce / Business To Business

If your site is built solely for desktop, it's time to upgrade. But you're vetting interactive shops like ours because you already know that. Perfect. We design and develop engaging, responsive websites—including custom ecommerce sites—that meet users' demands for an excellent experience on any resolution.


Web / Mobile / Desktop

There’s a reason responsive web design is the basic need right now. It is a perfect example that everything that is UX— from easy-to-use navigation, simplistic and useful design, adaptive orientation and resolution, to lightning fast loading speeds.


Custom / Magento

It's not good for the soul to become consumed with money; still, we rather enjoy helping our clients stack it tall through ecommerce. From small-scale payment processing to ongoing subscriptions to cart-based storefronts, we make online purchases a breeze for our clients and their customers. Hope nobody minds us taking the phrase pay it forward literally.

Branding Identity

Logo Design / Collateral

Your brand identity is the visual representation that will influence all of your future brand communication. Getting it right takes research, experience, and a passion to discover an original take on simplicity. MS specializes in crafting uniquely distinctive brands that will earn consumer loyalty—now and 50 years from now.

Our process involved in creating a unique identity for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Content Marketing

Website Writing / Seo / Sem / Social Media Plans

Fruitful online marketing centers on clean writing that holds the reader's attention. We also count on a wealth of technical know-how to get the message in front of your ideal audience, including landing high in both organic and paid search results and engaging consumers on social media platforms. Our writers have long loved playing with language, and developing a deep understanding of online marketing has only added to the fun.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Web / Mobile / Desktop

We take care of your website while you take care of your core business. An experienced and attentive support team are ready to go to work on your website throughout the year.

Business leaders and corporate executives today are hard pressed for time to get into maintaining the company websites. That's where we come in. Our dedicated support team works around the year to ensure that your website is always online, up to date and secure

Almost every website need maintenance to keep up with the pace of the industry. And we help our clients by assisting them on this subject. Website maintenance is not limited to only any specific type of site. It can be done for Static HTML website or a full-fledged e-comm portal. It not only helps to improve the SEO ranking but also helps in increasing the number of visitors hence strengthening the company's web presence.


eBooks, Presentation, Annual Reports

We will give your PDFs a neat flip effect, beautiful design, and comfortable navigation. When your documents look professional, people engage more deeply with your content.

Your PDF’s range of features expands, with clear text search, thumbnails, bookmarks, and table of contents. Working with documents, even large ones, becomes much easier.

Our effect has a “wow” factor that excites new readers, so they want to explore the document further. It also feels like reading a physical book, a feature that people enjoy.

You can add extra content—YouTube and Vimeo videos, links, and pop-up images—to make reading your PDFs more engaging and fun.

Your documents will open and load in five seconds on any iOS or Android mobile device. We tailored the HTML5 mobile version for the screen of any size, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility problems.

Domain / Hosting

Domain / Windows Server / Linus Server

There are no games with the resource limits, no hidden terms and no unlimited hosting here. We provide value for money by hosting services honestly and with true value. Get your blogs, websites, shopping cart online in minutes. True 100% email delivery SLA with 25GB mailboxes. Powerful, flexible, on-demand hosting with instant setup. Branded, fully managed dedicated servers india ready to go live in six hours. Load balancing and clustered servers for true 100% uptime.

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